Rather be Flying? You Betcha!

Why? Cos its heaps of fun, and I forget about my problems while flying a model as
it takes all my concentration to stay up with, or be a little ahead of what's happening!

My main interests for this year (2007) will be helicopters, both electric & glow, and water-planes,
and keeping this page up to date will encourage me to make progress!

June 2012.....that was the original introduction, and so much has happened since 2007 that I will categorise the subjects that I will cover here, and invite YOUR comments.

Let's see, what progress has been made in RC since 2007?

Helicopters: I am most impressed with the development of flybarless technology. When I first heard of them, I thought, wow, they must be a handful to fly.....Wrong! With 3 gyros on the rotors alone, they are as easy to fly as the twin rotor models mentioned in Early Stuff, and very stable. And are available in sizes suitable for indoor flying, or 600 size for outdoor windy conditions.

ARTF, BnF, Foam and Balsa models: There has NEVER been such a great time to be in RC with the range of models available!!! Warbirds, aerobatic and novelty models! Something to suit every taste! Absolutely amazing! And the number of people trying RC is increasing madly! But few go to the trouble of contacting a club to get the best results. RC models have become a "Try it and see" activity. Some buyers will persist and others will give up after failure. And both will relay their experiences to their friends. The takeup of RC models has completely caught the administering organisations by surprise, and they need to re-think the principles that have been in force for decades. More on this later.

RC Equipment: Computer radios have added greatly to the amount of control that we have of our models now, and the adoption of 2.4 GHz frequency agile technology has made RC much more reliable. FPV, and flying, using a camera for a cockpit view, is growing rapidly, faster than existing legislation, so we must expect the regulators to catch up & probably get ahead of us with suitable new legislation.

And the cause of all this progress......the massive interchange of ideas and information made possible by the internet!!!

Enough talk! More Synthehol! (Worf, STNG) Enjoy my thoughts, and email me your own opinions........

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