Rather Be Flying .net

Welcome to our domain, Rather be flying.net. At the moment, it's about 46deg C outside, so I'm stuck inside, and I decided to play with VI. Of course, I'd rather be flying.... <sigh>. By now, you're probably wondering.....

Who is this guy?

Hi, I'm Chris. This isn't actually my domain. It belongs to Pete. I'm just writing the pages cause I'm bored, and Pete said I could do something for it if I wanted to. I work here with Pete, Garry and Adrian. You might hear from some of them later.

Why does this domain exist?

I think Pete got sick of boring e-mail addresses, so He decided to register a domain. After some thinking, and a heap of domains that others had beaten us to, Pete came up with ratherbeflying. '.com' was already taken, and when '.org' was mentioned, there were fits of laughter at the thought of us being organised, so it was settled on '.net', which is kinda suitable, since we all work for an ISP. So, where did the flying theme come from? Pete is a commercial pilot (so why he works as a sysadmin is beyond me), Garry has his private pilot license and his own plane, and Adrian and I both fly RC aircraft (I have my sights set on full size once I get the $$$, just don't tell my fiance that). There's a couple of different messages being broadcast here. 'Reach for the skies' has been mentioned by a customer, or we're all just a bunch of airheads. You choose ;)

Anyway, There's more comming. Hopefully each of us will submit our own bit about what we fly, and who knows what else. If you find any information that's actually useful, Let me know and I'll remove it as soon as I can :)